New to McMetaverse!

Quisalas Staff posted Sep 25, 16  -  minecraftSkyBlock

New SkyBlock World

New Staff!  New Minigames!  New WORLD!

The server has been running pretty smooth and solid since the change to the new hosting site.  We've had changes in the staff postings with the start of the new school year as old friends had to move on and new friends got to move in.  Rather than cover each move individually, here's the current lineup of Metaverse staff:

  • Owner: MrProtagonist
  • Founder/Dev: Captain Stupid
  • Head Admin: EvilLittleThing
  • Admin/Dev: Quisalas
  • Admin: Underworldlord
  • Architects: dinoppar & Hobbitsyfeet
  • Devs: it_twit, DrBloobathMC, Craftio
  • Trial Dev: xNeurosisx
  • Head Mod: shadow007uk
  • Mods: joelvr17, xNillax, kiekieko, wolf43684
  • Trial Mods: Iron_Ninja, Professor_Swifty

We also have some long-standing players who, while unable to be tempted onto (or back onto) staff, have the ability to monitor chat and mute/jail/kick as needed.  So if you see someone using these commands that aren't acknowlegded as staff, just know that they are acknowledged and trusted to do what's best for the server when they need to.

New Minigames!

Minigames world saw some much-needed love recently as Mr and Mrs Protagonist spent a few nights fixing things and adding new stuff.  Everyone's old favorite SharpShooter is up to snuff and working great.  A high-score display board is still in the works for that one and should be coming soon.  And if you look up anywhere in /minigame you will see gold and silver rings up in the sky, tempting people to put on some wings and try their hand at /flight.  This one is a Metaverse original, coded line by line by MrProtagonist himself and built with his wife. 

With flight school you will be given a pair of Elytra and have your fly turned off.  You get points for flying through the rings and there is a "best path" through them.  If you see underworldlord online challenge him to some /flight and then follow his path and learn from the best.  He currently has the high score in the game.

Brand new world joins the Metaverse Family!

In the same vein as Hyper and Meta, we have a new main world for survival-based play.  The Skyworld is accessible with the /island spawn command and from there most interactions occur with the /island or /is menu.  Use the Island Create command with the SkyCustom schematic made by Quisalas to start with extra items, extra dirt, and some very pretty "cloud" blocks that will help boost your island level and make sure you keep the Cloudsdale theme alive by making infinite snow blocks with the help of a snowman friend. 

(rainbow bridge not included!)

SkyBlock, because of its limited resources, has some of the rules of meta lifted.  Be sure you visit the NPCs at /island spawn for more information, as well as general guidance on how to get by in SkyBlock.  Always wanted an iron golem and villager farm but couldn't because of meta's lag?  Because each person has a much smaller area in SkyBlock and we have the mobstacker plugin applied here, mob farms and mob spawning areas are not only allowed - they are encouraged!

We... weren't supposed to spawn here.A few other neat changes.  A shop is being worked on for SkyBlock that has a completely different currency than money in meta.  This currency is SkyTokens and they can be earned by completing /challenges and by selling excess items to the /skyshop.   Keep in mind that for the next few days, the /skyshop will be under construction and you probably want to wait a few days before you start taking advantage or you may be overpaying for items.

Voting Changes!

Big news across all the worlds are the MetaCrates.  Voting for the server now gives you a metakey that can only be used in the world you are in when you vote.  These metakeys can be used to unlock the MetaCrates where you will have a chance to win one of several awesome items that are custom-tailored to the world you are in.  Want diamonds and bottles of enchanting in Hyper?  Want spawners and more dirt or sand in SkyBlock?  The MetaCrates give you a chance to get something really cool, customized in the way that only Metaverse does.  Want something to show up in a MetaCrate that's not already there?  Submit a /ticket with a request and the admins will take it under consideration.

As always, Metaverse will keep evolving as you want it to.  If you like what we're doing and want to support the best damn server ever, please show us your love with donations, activity, and referrals. 

As always, with love,

~Mrs. Quisalas Protagonist